Good Clinical Practice GCP Training

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Franziska has been lecturing at the University of NSW in clinical development of medicines and has been training clinical site personal in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years.

We offer basic and refresher training for a range of clinical research operation topics.

Individuals that may benefit from the courses include investigators, research nurses, study coordinators, trial pharmacists, sponsor clinical research personal, academic research personal, and students.

Training offerings include:

  • Good Clinical Practice GCP training - for Investigational Site Staff and for Sponsors
  • Overview of clinical development of new medicines
  • Project and study management
  • On-site study coordination
  • Management and validation of clinical trial equipment
  • Developing and writing standard operating procedures
  • Additional topics customized to the needs of clients and the target audience 

Training will be provided as face-to-face events, interactive webinars or other media as required.


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