At GlaxoSmithKline, Franziska Loehrer was a direct report of mine from 2013-2015 as the Director of the Medicines Research Unit (a clinical pharmacology unit) at the Prince of Whales Hospital in Sydney Australia. Prior to that Franziska's Unit supported my organization in a matrix reporting relationship from 2010 to 2013. During that time I came to know Dr. Loehrer as an expert in the areas of clincal pharmacology, clinical trial implementation and regulatory compliance. She was regarded for her expertise inside and outside the company. She was an innovator at the MRU taking on novel trial designs and technologies for the first time and made an impact on several important drug development programs. Franziska is a an exemplary leader and helped to develop and train not only her internal staff but also helped to develop a number of clinical research scientists and physicians who went on to leadership positions at GSK and other companies as well. 

She has exemplary leadership skills, knows how to build trust across a complex matrix organization and is a strong communicator. I would not hesitate to rehire Franziska if the opportunity arose.

Rob DiCicco Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology Sciences and Study Operations at GSK

University of New South Wales and St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney

Dr Franziska Loehrer is a highly experienced and able drug development expert with outstanding skills in: protocol design and development, project management with industry leading ‘on time’ completion of early phase clinical trials, subject recruitment, professional and patient relationships, data management, report preparation and quality assurance and monitoring.  I have been chief investigator on a number of important trials with NCEs, including biologics, that Franziska in her role as General Manager of GSK phase 1 unit (GSK MRU) Prince of Wales Hospital, Randwick, NSW.   It was always a pleasure to work with Dr Loehrer and to know that all aspects of the trial were being managed optimally, the volunteers were being looked after very well and that the report would be of the highest quality.  Franziska was a post doctoral student in my laboratory and it was apparent that she was a consummate professional with a passion for generating the highest quality data to support the registration and effective and safe use of important medicines and devices.  Putting back into the training and mentoring of young drug development professionals has always been an important activity for Franziska and she has been a highly regarded teacher in the Masters Degree in Drug Development at UNSW Medicine for many years.  Also, she has been an active member, teacher and mentor via the Association of Regulatory and Clinical Specialists (ARCS) in Australia and DIA in Europe, Asia and North America.  I recommend Dr Loehrer with enthusiasm and confidence as a consultant to pharma and biotech industry for her medicines and devices clinical trial expertise.

Ric O Day Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, University of NSW (Medicines) and St. Vincent's Hospital, Sydney