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Welcome to my new Wahoo Clinical Internet space. People may wonder about the  “Wahoo”.  Those who have met me know that I am not only passionate about clinical development, compliance and quality but also about the environment and especially our oceans. The Wahoo (Acanthocybium solandri) is a very smart pelagic fish found worldwide in tropical and subtropical seas and is well known for its speed and high-quality flesh. These are also key attributes of clinical trial management: smart design, delivery of high quality results and competitive timelines. Attributes that we take to our heart when providing services to you, our client in the drug development, medical device and medical diagnostic sector.

Watch this space for news and discussion topics related to clinical research and development.

I will attend the 2015 ARCS Scientific Congress May 5-7 in Randwick, Sydney (www.arcsconference.com). If you would like to organize a time to meet during the conference please get in touch here.

See you soon

Franziska Loehrer PhD
Director at Wahoo Clinical


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